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Bridging your career to speech language pathology

Embark on a transformative journey to a speech-language pathology career.

Designed for individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree outside of speech, language, and hearing sciences, the Speech-Language Pathology Post-Baccalaureate Certificate at Pennsylvania Western University offers a flexible pathway to pursue graduate studies in speech-language pathology. Available both in-person and online across any PennWest campus, the program caters to diverse learning preferences and schedules. Whether you aim to earn a post-bac certificate or seek conditional acceptance into the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program, PennWest provides the foundation and support to achieve your professional goals.

This program is for you if ...

  • You hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than communication sciences and disorders and wish to transition to a career in speech-language pathology.
  • You seek a flexible educational pathway with options for both in-person and online learning.
  • You aim for a future graduate study in speech-language pathology and require a foundational knowledge base of prerequisite coursework.
  • You are interested in a career that combines compassion with scientific understanding to improve individuals' communication abilities.

What You'll Study

In the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Speech-Language Pathology, you'll explore foundational subjects essential for a career in speech-language pathology. The curriculum encompasses a variety of topics including phonetics, language acquisition, auditory processes, and speech science. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of communication disorders and their impact on individuals across the lifespan. Through this program, you'll build the necessary knowledge base to pursue graduate studies and advance in the field of speech-language pathology.

24 Credits (8, 3-credit classes) that can be completed in 2 semesters.

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Flexible Learning Paths

Choose between in-person or online formats to align with your lifestyle and commitments.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Foundation courses tailored for non-CSD undergraduates, bridging the gap to advanced studies.

Pathway to Advancement

Opportunity for conditional acceptance into the master's program, setting a clear trajectory towards your speech-language pathology career.

Fast Facts


The median wage for speech-language pathologists according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.




100% online

What You'll Become

Graduates of the Post-Baccalaureate Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pennsylvania Western University can pursue graduate studies in Speech-Language Pathology . With a graduate degree and certification, graduates can work in diverse settings including schools, private clinics, hospitals, and research facilities.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain and apply knowledge of the developmental norms for speech/language acquisition.
  • Explain and apply knowledge of speech, language and hearing disorders.
  • Explain how individual, cultural and linguistic differences influence communication.  
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic clinical process for the evaluation and remediation of communication disorders and differences.
  • Apply critical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning skills to topics in CSD.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills to explain and describe content and research knowledge, and critical thinking skills as they apply to topics in CSD.

Admission Requirements

Option 1: Apply for the Post-Bac Certificate Only

Under this option, students will earn the certificate only. They can then choose to apply to a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology. If they apply for the PennWest Speech-Language Pathology program, their application will go under full review for consideration. Other universities may have different requirements for post-bac coursework. Minimum admission requirements are consistent with current undergraduate admissions criteria for PennWest.

Application process:  

  • Students will apply through the PennWest website: https://www.pennwest.edu/apply  
  • Admission Student Type: Post Baccalaureate
  • Certificate Program: Yes
  • Undergraduate Program Name/Major: Speech-Language Pathology (Cert)
  • The student’s application will undergo university review, and communication regarding acceptance will be sent from the PennWest Admissions office.
  • Code to waive application fee: APPLYPENNWEST

Option 2: Apply for Conditional Acceptance in the PennWest MSSLP program

Under this option, students are applying for the Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology at PennWest as a post-bac applicant. If accepted, they would first complete the required post-bac courses. Following successful completion of those courses, the students would then matriculate into the 5-semester MSSLP program. Minimum application requirements are a 3.0 GPA.

Application process:  

  • Students will apply to the Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology program at Pennsylvania Western University through CSDCAS: https://csdcas.liaisoncas.com  
  • Under custom questions, select: “F2F or Online Post-Bac Prep Program with Conditional Admission to Graduate Program.”  
  • If accepted, the Graduate Program Director will prompt the student to also submit an application through the PennWest website using the steps outlined in option 1. This step is necessary to ensure undergraduate tuition for the post-bac courses.

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