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Become a STEM leader in your school and community

The AMS DataStreme Certificate gives you access to the AMS Teacher-Professional mentor network.

If you’re an active K-12 teacher who is passionate about nature and the world around us, this is your chance to become a STEM leader in your school and in your community. The nine-credit, stackable, online American Meteorological Society (AMS)-DataStreme Certificate is comprised of a series of AMS-recognized courses that delve into important issues such as extreme weather, the role of water in our global climate system, the major threats to our ecosystem and strategies to mitigate climate change.

Thanks to a continuing partnership with the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the world’s most recognized professional society of atmospheric scientists, this certificate program offers you access to the AMS Teacher-Professional mentor network and the opportunity to pursue the AMS Teacher Certification Program (CAT) in conjunction with the DataStreme certificate.

The program provides you with the tools you need to bring near real-time data and resources into your classroom. All of the credits earned can be applied to a Master’s in Education. Best of all, six of the nine program courses are offered tuition-free. AMS also provides an array of low-cost educational resources.

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AMS Mentor Network

Connect with active and retired, STEM teachers, NOAA weather forecasters, Broadcast Meteorologists and others who actively support you and your interests.

Flexible and Affordable

Because this program is offered 100% online, you can boost your undergraduate degree with a meaningful, science-based certificate.

6 Free Courses

The American Meteorological Society covers the tuition for six of the partnership courses. You may also earn stipends for enrollment in three, hybrid-elective courses with paid travel.

Fast Facts


More than 23,000 teachers across the U.S. have energized their STEM classrooms through AMS DataStreme courses over the past +20 years.




100% online

Next Start Term, Fall 2024


American Meteorological Society
Graduate Admissions

Graduate Outcomes

  1. Assess atmospheric conditions using near real-time data to analyze weather patterns and projections
  2. Analyze dynamic ocean data in near real-time using American Meteorological Society (AMS) resources to replicate the decision-making processes of oceanographers in predicting future ocean conditions
  3. Evaluate climatic patterns by interpreting relevant data graphs and charts to assess the influences of climate change on society and human/environmental/ecosystem interactions
  4. Interpret prognostic techniques to predict formation of weather systems and describe the use and applications of numerical models in weather forecasting
  5. Prepare K-12 teachers to deliver near real-time Geoscience data into their classrooms and contextualize for their students.

Admissions Requirements

  • AMS Pre-approval

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