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Get ahead in your career with a SAS Data Science Certificate from PennWest.

Supplement your bachelor’s or associate degree and get ahead in your career with PennWest’s SAS Data Science certificate, an advanced credential that prepares you to apply data science to generate insights from data and identify and predict trends in most any industry.

PennWest has partnered with SAS, the industry standard for advanced data analysis, to build the first undergraduate data science program in the U.S. that offers an SAS Data Science certificate. Through this unique program, you can become an SAS-certified data scientist, with the ability to understand, analyze and utilize big data.

You’ll acquire skills that employers need, such as computer programming, predictive modeling and analytics, inference, machine learning, optimization, data visualization and more.

This 15-credit course includes one three-credit capstone project and can be completed entirely online. Once you earn your certificate, you’ll be eligible to sit for two SAS exams to qualify as an SAS-Certified Big Data Professional. You’ll also receive at least a 50% discount on SAS testing fees.

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A study by Money magazine and PayScale ranks SAS analytics the top career-focused skill in today’s job market, linking it to higher pay, job opportunities and career advancement.


Number of job sites around the world that utilize SAS software, considered the “gold standard” for data analytics.

Stand-alone credential

PennWest’s SAS certificate complements any bachelor’s degree program or can be used as astand-alone credential with an associate degree.

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Careers and Salaries

These days, big data is everywhere. Data analysis is widely used even beyond business and science.Data scientists with SAS skills are in high demand, finding employment in fields such as:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Film and video production
  • Government and politics
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Social media and online search

Data scientists typically need a bachelor’s degree or graduate education to enter the field. An SAS certification provides even more value. The median annual wage for data scientists was $103,500 in May 2022 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Program Outcomes

  1. Perform quantitative data analysis using appropriate statistical methods and tools (SAS) to aid business decisions and reduce the risks and optimize solutions.
  2. Explore data to understand relationships among variables and harness / mine very large data sets to make business decisions using machine learning techniques.
  3. Apply data visualization best practices to communicate visual insights through charts, dashboards and communicate data-driven stories.  
  4. Integrate, apply and implement the concepts, techniques and tools of data analytics learnt in the MS DSA Program using capstone projects with real-world datasets.  
  5. Identify and explain knowledge in data science, big data, and technology used for processing big data and data science methods
  6. Formulate and solve data science and big data problems using appropriate data management and analysis skills
  7. Identify and apply the technology necessary to aid in solving real-world problems
  8. Effectively use technology to solve data science problems
  9. Be literate in the language of data science and in data analysis skills for data science and big data

The Power of PennWest

PennWest’s three campuses, California, Clarion and Edinboro universities, have been delivering award-winning online programs for more than 20 years. You’ll graduate with a degree from Pennsylvania Western University, completely supported by the expertise and community of learners on our brick-and-mortar campuses.

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