What is Exercise Science?

Most individuals are aware of the importance of regular exercise for your health. But occasionally, people require assistance in order to begin or continue an exercise routine. The study of exercise science can help with that. What, though, is exercise science? What does the term "exercise science" mean? Exercise Science refers to a variety of positions/careers in the health, wellness, and fitness sector. These professions are all concerned with improving one's health and wellness. Professionals who work in exercise science concentrate on how individuals respond to exercise, the prevention of injury and illness, and the promotion of post-activity recovery.

What Topics Will You Focus on in an Exercise Science Program?

Applying concepts from exercise physiology and kinesiology is part of the subject of exercise science. It entails comprehending how the body reacts to activity. It generally concentrates on the creation of exercise programs to enhance health and assist clients and patients in achieving their fitness, health, and wellness objectives. Sports nutrition, human movement, biomechanics, fitness programing and several other human performance areas are typical topics of exercise science.

What Classes Will You Take in An Exercise Science Program?

Students in PennWest Global Online (formerly California University or Cal U) exercise science program will study a combination of theoretical classes and courses that allow you to apply that theory. Core courses in your education will cover:

  • Human Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Clinical and corporate wellness
  • Leadership
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Research Theory and Application
  • Speed and Endurance Training
  • Specialized courses depending on your chosen concentration

What Jobs/Careers are Available with an Exercise Science Degree

People who are passionate about assisting others in achieving optimal health from movement frequently succeed in professions in exercise science. A degree in exercise science can open you a world of possibilities. What can you do with an exercise science degree?

Here are a few examples:

  • Fitness / Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors
  • Sports Coaches / Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Fitness and Wellness Business Owners
  • Golf Performance Coaches / Trainers
  • Wellness / Health Coaches
  • Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coaches / Facilitators

100% Online Exercise Science Degree Options at PennWest California

For twenty years, PennWest Global Online is a nationally respected leader for outstanding online exercise science bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs. PennWest Global Online offers you excellent options:

  • Forty-five different graduate degree concentrations and dual concentrations in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, plus specialized certificates.
  • A three-year fully online bachelors undergraduate degree (add link to undergraduate Exercise Science landing page) in Exercise Science. Most of our students complete the bachelor’s degree in two years or less when transferring previously earned college credits
  • Pathways to prepare for certification in exercise science.
  • Affordable and convenient study online.

Graduates of PennWest California’s online degree programs in exercise science  (add link to a main Exercise Science landing page that includes all of our Exercise Science offerings (bachelor, masters, and doctorate) are successful professionals in athletics, fitness, health and wellness, healthcare and many other related fields. You’ll find PennWest Global Online exercise science alumni in a wide range of top jobs at leading employers, including:

  • Top fitness companies such as LAFitness, LifeTime Fitness, Equinox
  • Professional sports leagues (NBA,NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL)
  • More than 70 major sports teams (Boston Celtics to L.A. Rams)
  • Leading hospitals and health care systems
  • Military leaders in health and fitness
  • Private business entrepreneurs

We’re ready to help you take your next step to earn your bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate exercise science degree fully online. Apply now!